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Is the Tudor Black Bay bronze any good?The bezel action is good in feel and satisfying in sound. The rose logo on the crown is an excellent touch as well, and last but not the least, the leather strap used here is comfortable and has a great aged aesthetic to it that works well with the overall package. The Tudor Black Bay Bronze 43 ref.Mar 30, 2021
What alloy is used for the Black Bay bronze?The 39mm diver and its bracelet are made of Tudor's aluminum-rich bronze alloy, meaning it will develop a patina over time, but not the kind of green skin that develops on more copper-heavy bronze alloys. The nautical metal is paired with rich brown bezel and matte brown gradient dial.Jun 23, 2021
What movement is in the Tudor Black Bay bronze?The Movement The Tudor Black Bay Bronze uses the MT56 family of in-house mechanical automatic movements.Sep 22, 2021
Is Tudor Black Bay 58 worth it?To my delight, the 58 proved to be delightful and works well on the leather strap - and (I think) works nicely as a dress watch. The Black Bay 58 is beautifully refined, thanks to its 39mm case size, which is 2mm smaller than the existing Black Bay models. ... I truly loved my Black Bay Blue; it was my first 'real watch'.

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