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Rolex Submariner Date vs. No Date - Montredo

May 13, 2019 — The Submariner 'No Date' – an unofficial title bestowed upon the elder child – was born in the 1950s. Clocking in at a modest 40mm diameter, the ...

Help me decide: Rolex Submariner Date or No Date

Jan 21, 2016 — Better on a datejust or day date. As far as resale value, the date model is worth $500 more on the used market but costs $1050 more BNIB at an ...


The question of whether you like a Rolex Submariner date or no date depends on your personal preference. However, purists of the brand definitely prefer the ...

Rolex Submariner Date vs. Submariner No-Date Review

Dec 20, 2019 — In short, if you're looking for a modern version of the original Rolex Submariner tool watch, the Submariner no-date is the way to go. But if ...

Rolex Submariner: Date or No Date – The Ultimate Question

Feb 25, 2021 — However, from an aesthetic perspective, the Submariner “No Date” is somewhat more versatile. This is thanks to its subtler dial design, not ...

Rolex Submariner Date or No Date? Which is Best?

Jan 13, 2022 — As such, the no-date version stays much truer to the original Submariner. Purists will naturally find the Submariner no date the better ...

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Who wears submariner no date?The importance of Bond's Submariner No, Sean Connery wears the “No Date” Ref. 6538 Submariner. The same model stays on his wrist in From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, and Thunderball. George Lazenby also wears the Ref.Feb 25, 2021
Is Rolex Submariner No Date a good investment?The Submariner Is A Great Investment Over Time However, over time, not only has the price of the Submariner increased as it became more popular (and iconic) but pre-owned and vintage models have also increased in value, making the Sub a really good Rolex to buy.Feb 25, 2021
What's the difference between Submariner and Submariner Date?And for those who were wondering, the title “no-date” Sub is a misnomer. The Rolex Submariner with no date display is called the Rolex Submariner. The Rolex Submariner with a date display is called the Rolex Submariner Date.Apr 26, 2019
Is the Rolex Submariner No Date discontinued?The original ceramic bezel Rolex Submariner No-Date was just discontinued this year. The average price is around $10k. If you've always had your eye on this edition of the Submariner, now is the time to buy.
Are Rolex Submariners rare?The rarest are the ref. 5517 based on ref. 5513 cases, so-called double-reference because of both 5513 and 5517 reference numbers. That makes this Military Submariner a highly sought-after collectible.
Which Rolex has no date?In September 2020, Rolex introduced a new Submariner "No Date" in stainless steel. This model's case is 1 mm larger than previous editions' and contains the in-house caliber 3230 with a 70-hour power reserve.Sep 8, 2020
Who wore a Rolex Submariner?Recent controversy aside, the Rolex that Steve McQueen wore most was the Submariner reference 5512. An iconic Rolex for one of the most iconic American film stars of all time.Jan 18, 2022
Is the Rolex Submariner Automatic?You get an in-house made automatic movement with a simple, yet durable mechanism. The hands and hour indicators are in 18k white gold, and the rotating diver's bezel has a very sophisticated black ceramic insert that is quite scratch resistant.Jan 17, 2013
How do you date a Rolex Submariner?Unscrew the crown counterclockwise until it pops out from the side (the winding position). Slightly tug on the crown to reach the 2nd extended position. To set the date, wind the crown clockwise until you reach the appropriate date. When completed, lightly push and screw the crown tightly back into place.
Is Rolex 114060 a good investment?Dive enthusiast or not, the Submariner 114060 is also a good entry point to Rolex. For one, it is one of the most popular models. Another reason is that it is one of the most recommended investment watches to buy. In fact, it holds its value so well that it can even increase its price after some time.Mar 5, 2020
When did the 114060 come out?The Rolex Submariner Ceramic No-Date 114060 was first introduced in Baselworld 2012. It was loved by traditionalists and created for new watch enthusiasts alike. With just subtle changes, Rolex once again released a watch that made a big difference and profound impact on the watch community.Apr 25, 2018
Is Rolex 114060 discontinued?The Rolex Submariner 114060 is now discontinued, and can only be purchased on the secondhand market at this time.Feb 20, 2021

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