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Sure, we make watches. We make them so that they work reliably when near or in the water. Why? Well we know that from the beach to boardroom, from beach to ...

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Spinnaker timepieces pay tribute to the world and lifestyle of yachting, with a flair and style that makes each timepiece wearable on land and on the waves.

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Shop our collection of Spinnaker Watches for Men and Women at Macys.com! Find the latest trends, styles and deals with free shipping or curbside pickup ...

Spinnaker ladies' watches 10-40% affordable prices

Purchase your Spinnaker ladies' watch from TheWatchAgency™. We have the largest selection of Spinnaker women's watches in Scandinavia - always at least ...

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Truly iconic, the Bradner is a captivating, performance sports watch. It is famed for its three-dimensional inner turning diver bezel and neo-vintage ...

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Are Spinnaker watches good?The verdict is in, the truth is out — Spinnaker does offer a great selection of quality timepieces. They're very much affordable with great features necessary for anyone who loves exploring the seas and beyond. Whether it's on a yacht or by taking a dive, Spinnaker watches do come in handy for many occasions.Sep 2, 2020
Are Spinnaker watches made in China?Spinnaker watches are made in Hong Kong while the movements come from Japanese companies such as Miyota and Seiko. While they're not Swiss watches, they are exceptionally high quality given the price.Oct 4, 2021
Is Spinnaker Swiss made?The Spinnaker Tesei Bronze is the timepiece Spinnaker fans have been waiting for. Not only is it their first bronze watch, it's also their first Swiss Made piece powered by the esteemed Sellita caliber SW200-1.
Where is Spinnaker watches based?That's right, it's MICRO MONDAYS, and today we're taking a closer look at a brand that is already well known in the watch world – Spinnaker. The Hong Kong-based watchmaker creates cost-effective timepieces with a strong emphasis on yachting and nautical inspiration, hence their name and logo.
What does the word Spinnaker mean?A spinnaker is a sail designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind, i.e. with the wind 90–180° off bow. ... A purported etymology has the first boat to carry this sail being a Cowes yacht named Sphinx, from which "Sphinx's Acre" and eventually "Spinnaker".

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