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Homeowners : Elevate Your Home Exterior | Rollex

STEEL SIDING VS. ENGINEERED HARDWOOD SIDING: UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCES. This article takes a closer look at these two materials with the goal of highlighting ...

Rollex - Building Products, Inc.

Navigator Steel Siding ... We've combined high tech steel and our ultra-durable proprietary SMP coating for the best siding experience. Our latest coating, a ...

Steel Siding| Metal Siding | Durable and Maintenance Free

Rollex steel siding is the most durable siding product on the market; offering an oven-fused finish that protects against dents and scratches, tighter seams ...

Horizon Vinyl Siding: Colors, Designs & Types | Rollex

Horizon vinyl siding by Rollex provides a solid foundation for any home's exterior, creating a clean and vibrant look, while increasing a home's value with ...

Exterior Home Inspiration for Colors & Designs | Get Inspired


Rollex Siding | Products | Lampert Lumber

Rollex designs some of the most durable steel siding products on the market. The PVC finish that is used protects against external factors that could ...

Navigator Steel Siding | Rollex

We've combined high tech steel and our ultra-durable proprietary coating for the best siding experience. Designed to withstand the harshest weather, ...

Soffit, Siding & Roof Flashing Products, Roofing Accessories

Here at Rollex, we provide the best soffit, siding products, roof flashing products, roofing accessories, and rainware. Browse our selection here.

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Horizon vinyl siding by Rollex provides a solid foundation for any home's exterior. LEARN MORE · steel-siding · Steel Siding.

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Is aluminum siding the same as steel siding?Steel siding is resistant to many types of damage, including fire. ... Steel siding is even more durable than aluminum siding and is also recyclable, making it one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market.
What is metal siding used for?Metal siding is an exterior cladding alternative that appeals to many homeowners because of its ease of installation, durability, and superior protection from the elements. Metal siding for homes is either made from aluminum or steel, both of which have specific advantages and drawbacks.Jan 12, 2021
Is metal siding durable?According to House Logic, with proper maintenance steel siding can last up to fifty years. This siding material has the strength of galvanized steel, which makes it incredibly tough and durable, so resist any bumps, dents, and other possible dings.
How often do you nail vinyl soffit?Determine the preferred method of installing soffit at the fascia board. When installing J-channel at either wall of fascia board, nail every 8” to 12” (203mm to 305mm). If the soffit is to turn a corner, cut and install J-channel to allow 1/4” (6.4mm) for expansion at each of the adjoining walls and fascia boards.
What is the difference between F Channel and J channel?F channel is usually attached to beams or studs of the house, along the underside of the roof overhang. It provides a sort of shelf where the ends of the soffit pieces rest. ... If you choose J channel, you'll have to install twice as many pieces, both to hold up the soffit and to cover the edges.Dec 9, 2019
Can you use J channel for soffit?The first step in installing soffit is to install the proper receiving channels. You have several options for receiving channels. You can use accessories such as F-channel or J-channel, or you can make channels using coil stock.
How do you paint aluminum soffit and fascia?Make sure that you purchase an exterior paint that will work on aluminum and consider having your paint company add a bonding agent to make it last even longer. Using primer, paint in one direction, allow it to dry, and then follow with two or three coats of paint to make sure that you get a true color.Oct 20, 2017
How much soffit do I need?Multiply the total length by the width to obtain the area of soffit needed to fill the gap. For example, if the total eaves length is 110 feet, and the width is 2 feet, multiply 110 by 2. The result, 220 in this example, is the number of square feet of soffit required.
How does aluminum soffit fit together?Begin installing aluminum fascia at the center of each length by pushing it up snug to the bottom of the soffit panels. Nail it, then work your way in both directions, driving nails every 16 in., placed about 1 in. from the top and bottom. Overlap joints 1 to 2 in.
How much is metal soffit?What Is The Price Of Metal Soffit Panels? The typical price range of metal soffit panels when the metal industry is stable is $2.00- $4.00 per square foot for material.Jul 14, 2021

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