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Pre-owned Rolex Datejust Automatic Diamond Silver Dial Ladies Watch 69174SDJ. $4,995.00.

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Pre-owned Rolex Datejust Automatic Diamond Silver Dial Ladies Watch 69174SDJ. $4,995.00.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Automatic Black Dial Ladies Watch 114200BKSO M114200-0023. $5,950.00.
Rolex Datejust 79174 Watch Women's. $4,399.00.
Rolex Datejust 178240 Oyster steel watch Box & Papers Women's. $7,399.00.
Pre-owned Rolex Datejust Champagne Dial Jubilee Bracelet Ladies Watch 69173CDJ 26 mm, Automatic Movement, 18kt Yellow Gold And Stainless Steel Jubilee. $4,995.00.
Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual 31 Automatic Chronometer Yellow Dial Watch 277200YLSO. $8,889.99.
Pre-owned Rolex Datejust Champagne Dial Jubilee Bracelet Ladies Watch 69173CSJ, Automatic Movement, 18kt Yellow Gold And Stainless Steel Jubilee Strap. $4,695.00.
Rolex Women's Jubilee Stainless Steel & 18k Gold Diamond Dial Watch. $7,535.71.
Rolex Datejust. $4,795.00.
Womens Rolex Diamond Watch MOP Dial 6917 Datejust 18k/ Steel Jubilee Band 1 CT. $5,695.00.
rolex watches clearance women's from
rolex watches clearance women's from
rolex watches clearance women's from
rolex watches clearance women's from

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84 products — At retail, the cheapest ladies' Rolex watch is the Oyster Perpetual 26 in full stainless steel, priced at $4,850. However, it is not uncommon to find ...

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Rolex Date Ladies 2Tone Yellow Gold & Steel Watch Jubilee Silver Dial 6917 ... Vintage Rolex Date Ladies Stainless Steel & 18K White Gold Watch Black Dial ...

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Buy the Rolex watch of your dreams at Luxury of Watches. Shop our wide selection of Presidential Midsize and more pre-owned Rolex timepieces at discount ...

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Find Rolex watches at clearance prices at Our selection features verified genuine timepieces at discounted rates. Shop here today.

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369 MATCHES — Find yours today from our selection of authentic, pre-owned womens Rolex watches at SwissWatchExpo. Home · Watches; Women's; Rolex.

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Find your Rolex watch among our women's collection of refined, feminine timepieces with noble materials, graceful gems and elegant colours.

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What is the least expensive womens Rolex?Priced at $6,650, the Oyster Perpetual is an entry-level Rolex watch that is affordable without compromising on quality and style. With its classic Rolex design, it is perfectly ideal for everyday wear.Sep 24, 2019
How much is a basic Rolex?As of now, the entry level price for the most basic new Rolex watch is about $5,000, with most pieces people want priced in the $8,000 - $12,000 range. Of course vintage or pre-owned Rolex watches can be less or actually more money.Dec 30, 2014
What's the cheapest Rolex model?What Is The Cheapest Rolex. The cheapest Rolex is the 36mm Oyster Perpetual which costs $5,800 MSRP. The Oyster Perpetual is a no date stainless steel sports model that is considered the most affordable or entry level men's Rolex.Nov 3, 2021
Do ladies Rolex hold value?Do Women's Rolex Hold Their Value? When it comes to luxury items, women's Rolex watches can retain their value just like the models intended for men. ... You should note that since men's models are typically rarer, they tend to be worth more.Jan 30, 2021
Does Rolex make a women's submariner?Whether sporty steel, lavish gold, or trendy two-tone, the Rolex Submariner Date lineup offers plenty of styles for women who are looking for a luxury diver.Jul 13, 2021
Can ladies wear 36mm Rolex?The 36mm Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust Is A Great Watch For A Women To Wear! ... The 36mm Datejust specifically on a jubilee bracelet, pink stick dial, and 18k white gold bezel is the perfect watch for women to wear in any situation that doesn't look like she is wearing a mans watch.Feb 11, 2018
What size is Rolex Midsize?Depending on the specific model, midsize Rolex watches typically range from 31mm to 37mm and they are often positioned as unisex watches. If you're looking for a sub-40mm watch, below are some fantastic Rolex midsize watches to consider.Nov 18, 2020
Is 26mm Rolex discontinued?Finally, another rather epic family within the OP range has been extinguished: the 26mm series in the Oyster Perpetual range is no more! The entire range has been discontinued.Sep 4, 2020
How do I know my Rolex is genuine?Rolex watches include a serial number stamped between the watch lugs at the 6 o'clock position. You will need to remove the bracelet in order to find this. An authentic watch will have a deeply engraved serial number. You should be able to hold it to the light and see a slight glow around the edges.Apr 25, 2019
Is a second hand Rolex a good investment?Rolex watches are an excellent investment, but some are more valuable than others. The best pre-owned Rolex watches for investment are the Daytona, Explorer II, Submariner, and Day-Date President. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Sea-Dweller and Datejust are also among the best pre-owned Rolex models worth investment.Sep 9, 2021
Are Rolex watch prices negotiable?Prices on new Rolexes are typically non-negotiable, and if you find what you like among the Rolexes on offer, then it's a fairly straightforward purchase.Oct 27, 2021
Do Rolex watches hold their value?Since the 1950s, the average price of a new Rolex watch has been steadily increasing. ... Whilst it is true that Rolex watches do hold their value well – provided that you protect them from unnecessary wear and tear – some watches stand a greater chance of increasing in value than others.Jan 18, 2022
What is the best selling Rolex?The 28-millimeter Lady-Datejust, rumors say, is the bestselling Rolex timepiece of all time. Nothing says you've made it more than an all-gold Rolex Day-Date. While that's the official name, this Rolex flagship is better known and most searched by its nickname the President.

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