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ROLEX SA Company Profile | Genève, GENÈVE, Switzerland

Printer Friendly View ; Address: Genève, GENÈVE, 1200 Switzerland See other locations ; Phone: +41-223022200 ; Website: External Website. Opens New ...

Rolex Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: Rue François-Dussaud 3-5-7, 1211, 26 Genève, Switzerland ; Phone Number: +41223022200 ; Email: Click Here ; Number of Employees: 4000 ; Established: 1905.

Rolex Watch USA, Inc. Company Profile | Dallas, TX

Printer Friendly View ; Address: 2651 N Harwood St Dallas, TX, 75201-1590 United States See other locations ; Phone: (214) 871-0500 ; Website: ...

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Contact of Rolex customer service worldwide

Rolex Head Office Rue François-Dussaud, 3-5-7 1211 Genève 26 – Suisse Phone: +41 22 302 22 00. ... You can locate a store nearest to your address here.

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Where are Rolex factories located?All Rolex wristwatches are made in Switzerland. With this factoid cleared, let us explore the facilities where the most expensive Rolex watches are being produced.Jun 20, 2019
Can you tour the Rolex factory?Even more, you can't actually organise this trip yourself; only when it pleases Rolex will the gates be opened and outsiders admitted. ... Rolex was favourably disposed to invite 0024 for a revealing look at the tightly closed world of the Oyster.Apr 12, 2016
Can I send my watch direct to Rolex?For modern Rolex watches, feel free to send them directly to Rolex for service. None of the components on the watch are rare or highly collectible, and even if Rolex does replace certain parts, the watch you receive back will be more-or-less identical to the watch you sent in for service.Oct 12, 2020
How do I send an email to my Rolex?We recommend you use Priority Registered U.S. Mail when sending in your watch for repair. You should pack the watch in a box with bubble wrap (Do not send original watch box). The post office will use paper tape to seal the seams and then stamp the seams to show the box has not been tampered with during shipping.
Does Rolex service old watches?Rolex's own service centres are not like Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet. They do not have a heritage department to painstakingly restore and re-fabricate vintage parts in order to keep everything period correct. Instead, their objective is to make their watches as robust and high-performing as possible.
Does Geneva make Rolex?Rolex SA (/ˈroʊlɛks/) is a British-founded Swiss watch designer and manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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