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Rolex GMT-Master II Watch: Oystersteel - M126710BLRO-0001

Specifications ; Model Case. Oyster, 40 mm, Oystersteel. Model Case ; Movement. Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding, GMT function. Movement ; Bracelet. Jubilee, ...

Weight of Common Rolex Watches

Weight of Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR/BLRO: 140.04 grams. Note: Weight differences may apply for various reasons. This article is not meant to be a definite ...

Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR - Horobox

Apr 26, 2019 — The total height of the watch is 13mm including the 2.5x magnifying cyclops over the crystal, making the watch very comfortable to wear. The ...

GMT II and EXP II - weight? - Rolex Forums

Aug 21, 2007 — 2. GMT Master II: 127 grams. The Explorer II probably feels heavier to you because it has a solid SS bezel compared to the GMT but ...

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How much does a Rolex GMT Master weigh?Weight of Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR/BLRO: 140.04 grams.
How much should a real Rolex weigh?Weight and feel Just as an example, an original Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner weighs approximately 153 grams, whereas a counterfeit only weighs around 124 grams.Jul 8, 2021
How big is Rolex GMT-Master II?Sized at 40mm in diameter, 12.2mm thick, and 48mm lug to lug, without including the fixed points of the bracelet, the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR is the perfect modern size for buyers of all genders and wrists worldwide.Jan 6, 2021
How much does a Rolex Pepsi weigh?The automatic movement inside is a Rolex caliber 1575. The 40mm stainless steel case is about 13mm thick with the crystal and gives this watch a weight of about 110g with the steel Oyster bracelet attached. The black dial features “Swiss T < 25” marking at 6:00.
What is the lightest Rolex?Rolex DiW Carbon Daytona - The Lightest Rolex Daytona in the World!!Jun 19, 2020
How much does the average Rolex watch weigh?Stainless steel in general weighs around 100-160g. The gold models range from 190-220g and the platinum models range from 240-270g.
Should a Rolex be heavy?To ensure that you are carrying an original Rolex, you need to weigh it. An original Rolex is made of metal. This explains why it seems pretty heavy. Moreover, an original Rolex contains a well-crafted high-quality bracelet, and this adds some extra weight to the timepiece.Feb 27, 2019
Are Rolex watches heavy or light?Does it feel heavy, or is it on the lighter side? A real Rolex uses high-quality metals which means it will not be light. If the watch feels light in your hand, it was likely built with cheaper metal and is a fake.Jan 22, 2021
How heavy is a gold Rolex?Case: 18.5 grams (13.88 g fine gold) Case back: 7.21 grams (5.41 g fine gold) Bezel: 5.30 grams (3.98 g fine gold) Bracelet: 68.85 grams (51.64 g fine gold)Sep 9, 2020
What does a Rolex Daytona weigh?Daytona watches are large and typically measure 40mm across. Weight for the Rolex Daytona varies based on the material used. For instance, it ranges from 148 grams for the stainless steel model, to 195 grams for the white gold, to 283 grams for a platinum Rolex Daytona.
How much does a Rolex Datejust 36 weight?Rolex Datejust 116201: 145 grams.
How much does a Rolex Air King weight?Once on the wrist, the even distribution of weight goes a long way to ensure the initial sense of comfort isn't a fleeting one, and that's despite this being a fairly hefty watch: 152 grams on the office scale, or 10 grams heavier than a Seiko SKX-007, as weighed during our (in)famous weigh-in of all the watches in the ...Jul 5, 2016
How many grams does a Rolex Submariner weigh?The Rolex Submariner watch case has a diameter of 40.0 mm (1.57 in) mm and a thickness of 13.0 mm (0.51 in), and the case and bracelet weigh 155 g (5.5 oz).

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