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Rolex GMT-Master II Batman Jubilee Men's Watch 126710BLNR-0002 - Black. $24,995.00.

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Rolex GMT-Master II Batman Jubilee Men's Watch 126710BLNR-0002 - Black. $24,995.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II Two Tone Black Dial Men's Watch 116713LN-0001 (Stainless Steel / 18K Yellow Gold - 40mm - 100 Meters / 330 Feet Waterproof) - . $17,995.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II Batman 40mm Men's Watch 116710BLNR-0002 - 116710BLNR-SD - Black. $20,995.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II. $22,950.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II 40mm Automatic Men's Watch 116710LN-0001 - 116710LN-SD - Black. $15,995.00.
GMT-Master II 18kt Everose Gold Men's Rolex Oyster Black Dial Watch M126715CHNR-0001. $60,000.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 18k & Stainless Steel Black dial 40mm Automatic watch. $15,500.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 stainless steel 40mm auto watch. $15,000.00.
Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN stainless steel 40mm auto watch. $16,200.00.
Rolex GMT Master II Batman 116710 Stainless Steel Black dial 40mm Automatic. $18,900.00.
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Rolex GMT-Master II Watches ; Availability. In Stock - Flash SaleIn Stock - Valentine's Day Sale ; Dial Color. BlackBlue ; Price. $6,000 - $16,000$16,000 - $38,000 ...

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24 products — Retail prices for Rolex GMT-Master II watches start out at $9,700 for the current-production models in all stainless steel, and then increase from ...

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41 products — How Much Is A Rolex GMT Master? ... Retail prices start at $9,700 for the stainless steel models, and increase from there with the use of precious ...

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Mar 15, 2021 — The retail price is $9,700, with prices averaging $15k to $18k on the secondary market. Gold and two-tone Rolex GMT-Master II watches from these ...

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The Rolex GMT Master II ref. 16710, first introduced in 1989, is estimated to be worth upwards of $5,400. It comes in stainless steel, with the iconic 24-hour ...

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The value of the Rolex GMT-Master II rose in average by 4.4% yearly over the last 5 years. Find all analyses on the gain in value and trend on our website.

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6864 listings — GMT-Master II · $9,500 · $20,905.

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Is Rolex GMT-Master II a good investment?As a general rule, steel Rolex sports watches reliably hold or appreciate in value. This includes, in particular, the GMT-Master II with its famous two-coloured bezel, the Cosmograph Daytona, and the ever-popular Submariner 16610.Jan 18, 2022
Is Rolex GMT Master 2 discontinued?Rolex 116710LN discontinued – the end of an era Reliable and reserved, the GMT-Master II 116710LN performed its duties without fail or expecting much recognition – but the 116710LN, which was discontinued in 2018, has more than earned the attention.Jun 1, 2021
How much can I sell my Rolex Batman for?Another such model, which also happened to be nicknamed after a superhero, the GMT Master II 116710 or the “Batman” has a high selling price. This watch originally retailed for $8,950, but sellers can get as much as $9,500 depending on the condition.
Which Rolex goes up in value?The Rolex watch models likely to increase in value over time are the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT series. Do not invest in a Rolex watch only with the mindset that it will grow in value with time. Although, Rolex watches hold great value way better than most other watch brands.Aug 27, 2021
Does Rolex Yachtmaster hold value?Yes. The Rolex Yacht-Master is a good investment for collectors for two main reasons. For one, these watches have historically held great value because of their uniqueness and sportiness; however, at the present time, they remain somewhat undervalued compared to their siblings in the Rolex catalog.Aug 23, 2021
Will Rolex prices Drop 2022?As outlined by US-based watch publication Professional Watches, Rolex increased its retail prices by an average of 3.4 per cent on January 1, 2022. ... 124300 go from USD$5,900 in 2021 to USD$6,150 in the US market in 2022, a 4.2 per cent increase.Jan 7, 2022
Are discontinued Rolex worth more?Thus, a Rolex watch is considered to be a good investment. However, some discontinued Rolex models are becoming more valuable and collectable by the day. It is said that collectors today are categorising features of specific discontinued Rolexes like they ideally would do with vintage models.Mar 17, 2020
Do Rolex Submariners hold their value?Rolex Submariner Several Rolex sports watches are known to consistently hold or increase in value. ... Easily one of the most recognizable Rolex watches, the Submariner is a highly coveted piece – especially on the secondary resale market.
Whats the cheapest Rolex you can buy?What Is The Cheapest Rolex. The cheapest Rolex is the 36mm Oyster Perpetual which costs $5,800 MSRP. The Oyster Perpetual is a no date stainless steel sports model that is considered the most affordable or entry level men's Rolex.Nov 3, 2021
Is Rolex cheaper in Dubai?When buying in The UAE he has always made a decent saving compared to The UK prices. Granted the exchange rate has been a lot better at times but even with the poor rate it can still be cheaper than The UK as retailers in Dubai will drop their prices massively compared to The UK.
What watch retains its value?The watches with the best value retention and appreciation tend to come from brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. That said, the most popular Rolex models will cost you upwards of $10,000, and Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet timepieces are often priced at double or triple that amount.Jul 20, 2020
Is Rolex cheaper in Switzerland?- Switzerland is an expensive country. - Scandinavian countries are expensive countries. - The INITIAL cost of a Rolex is SLIGHTLY Cheaper in Switzerland than in Scandinavia.Jan 2, 2016
Is a second hand Rolex a good investment?Rolex watches are an excellent investment, but some are more valuable than others. The best pre-owned Rolex watches for investment are the Daytona, Explorer II, Submariner, and Day-Date President. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Sea-Dweller and Datejust are also among the best pre-owned Rolex models worth investment.Sep 9, 2021
Are Rolex watches worth it?Rolex watches can potentially be a good investment. Most watches are seen as a bad investment as they quickly lose value through years of use. Rolex watches, on the other hand, are known to hold or even increase their value over time. ... However, it really depends on the model of your watch and market demand.
Does Rolex Explorer hold value?Newer Rolex Explorer II models sell for around 6,500 USD on the pre-owned market, and you can expect to spend at least another 2000 USD for a brand-new model. The price difference between the new and pre-loved however, demonstrates how well the Explorer II holds its value.
Does Rolex Oyster Perpetual hold value?Resale Value. A second-hand Rolex Oyster Perpetual today is worth more than the official sales price from back in 2007. Discounted over the last 9 years, the average annual gain in value amounts to 1.9%. The value of a new watch falls down to its market value after purchase.

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