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Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex GMT-Master

Mar 31, 2020 — More than 60 years later, its design is strikingly similar to that of the modern Pepsi-bezeled GMT-Master II. As with so much that Rolex has ...

Rolex GMT-Master II Ultimate Buying Guide

Apr 11, 2021 — The Rolex GMT-Master II is an evolution of the original GMT-Master, which began production in 1955 with the model number 6542.

The Rolex GMT-Master II Watch Guide - The WatchBox

Everything you need to know about the GMT-Master II Rolex. What models are discontinued, what a GMT-Master II costs & more.

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Is a Rolex GMT Master II a good investment?As a general rule, steel Rolex sports watches reliably hold or appreciate in value. This includes, in particular, the GMT-Master II with its famous two-coloured bezel, the Cosmograph Daytona, and the ever-popular Submariner 16610.Jan 18, 2022
Is GMT-Master II hard to get?With a bevy of options available on the pre-owned Rolex market including some gem-set Serti dials, it isn't difficult to find the perfect two-tone GMT-Master II at a price point that will fit your style and budget.Mar 15, 2021
Which is the best GMT Master 2?Rolex GMT-Master II Black/Blue Ceramic Bezel “Batman” When it comes to the most popular and desirable GMT-Master II models, the reference 116710BLNR is a logical place to start.Aug 21, 2018
What is GMT watch face?The GMT watch function is just a second hour hand on the same watch face that's geared to rotate once every 24 hours — or exactly half as fast as the other hour hand. ... This watch face has two dials: a 12-hour inner dial that displays local time, and a 24-hour outer dial that lets you track a second time zone.Oct 21, 2020
Is Rolex GMT Master II waterproof?When the crown is in this position, the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet).
Can you swim with GMT Master?The Rolex GMT-Master II watch is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, which is great if you intend to go swimming with your watch. Rolex GMT-Master II watches can be worn while swimming, as long as they are used correctly. For swimming in a pool or the ocean, 100m/330ft or 10ATM is sufficient.
How many links Rolex GMT Master II?Professional models from Rolex come with 12 links plus the end link and either EasyLink extension system. These Rolex bracelets have 4 fixed links on each side, which are links you cannot remove.
Can you wind Rolex backwards?The proper way to wind a Rolex is by turning the crown clockwise or forward. When this is done, you will feel the tension on the crown and hear a subtle clicking as it turns. Winding the crown backwards doesn't really do anything. It will not wind the watch, but will not damage it either.Feb 28, 2015
What is the fourth hand on a Rolex?The fourth hand is a 24 hour hand that is used to tell the hour in another time zone. The fourth hand can be set independent of the hour hand to measure another time zone and with the rotating bezel a third time zone can be measured.
How do you use a 24-hour bezel on a watch?The bezel is also often in two colors, roughly designating day and night. To use this bezel, set the hour marker on the bezel opposite the 24-hour hand for the time zone you want to track. It's that easy. Just remember that a 24-hour hand only goes around once a day.Apr 16, 2021
How does GMT work?Greenwich Mean Time is the yearly average (or 'mean') of the time each day when the Sun crosses the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Essentially, mean time is clock time rather than solar (astronomical) time. ... Today GMT is reckoned from one midnight to the next.
Who is on GMT time?Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) has no offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: Europe, Africa, North America, Antarctica.

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