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2017 Rolex Explorer I Mk2 39mm 214270 Full Lume Dial Discontinued. $12,900.00.

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2017 Rolex Explorer I Mk2 39mm 214270 Full Lume Dial Discontinued. $12,900.00.
Rolex Explorer 214270 39mm MK2 Full Lume. $9,210.15.
Rolex Explorer Mark II Dial 214270. $11,275.00.
Rolex Explorer Mark Ii Full Set + 1-year Warranty Ref. 214270. $11,499.00.
Rolex Explorer 214270 2019 Mark Ii 369 Lume Dial Stainless Mens Watch. $10,495.00.
Rolex Explorer 214270 MK2 Dial Men's Watch Box & paper. $12,472.00.
Rolex Explorer 39mm Steel Mk2 Automatic Black Dial 214270 B&p 2017. $11,500.00.
Rolex Explorer. $16,069.00.
2019 Rolex Explorer I Black 369 FULL LUME MK2 Stainless 39mm 214270 Watch B+P. $10,993.01.
Rolex Explorer 214270 39mm Mk2 Dial Random Serial Box & Papers. $11,690.63.
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Rolex Explorer 214270 2016 | IN-DEPTH REVIEW

May 23, 2016 — The Rolex Explorer 214270 Mk2 traces back to its early tool roots by introducing 3-6-9 indexes filled with luminous paint, a the first since the ...

A Week On The Wrist: The Rolex Explorer Reference 214270

Apr 24, 2019 — More specifically, the 214270 Explorer uses the brand's caliber 3132, an automatically wound movement that ticks at 4Hz, sports a Parachrom ...

Rolex Explorer - Mastering the extremes

The Oyster Perpetual Explorer and Oyster Perpetual Explorer II evolved from Rolex's deep involvement with exploration. They go where few people venture.

Rolex Explorer 214270 - Chrono24

Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel Black Dial 39mm 214270 2020. $12,995. Free shipping ... Rolex Explorer 214270 39mm MK2 - 2021 New Unworn. $12,750.

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Is Rolex 214270 discontinued?A case diameter of 36mm is hardly something new for Rolex, but this change suddenly makes the recently-discontinued reference 214270 a significantly more compelling purchase from an investment perspective. As it currently stands, the reference 214270 is the only Rolex Explorer model to feature a 39mm case.Apr 7, 2021
Is the 39mm Rolex Explorer discontinued?2021 Rolex Explorer II. “New releases typically generate interest in the recently discontinued models. ... Now that the 39mm Explorer has been discontinued, every person who wants a Rolex Explorer with a larger case size will be looking for that exact same reference,” Mr Altieri explains.Apr 14, 2021
Will Rolex Explorer 2 be discontinued?It's official! The Rolex Explorer II 216570 is now discontinued and has been replaced by the new Explorer II reference 226570. Rolex did not introduce a ceramic bezel unlike what many people believed but stuck to the classic stainless steel bezel.Apr 2, 2021
Which Rolex appreciates most?Rolex Submariner The Submariner is Rolex's most iconic and recognized watch, and it is also the Rolex watch which has proven to increase the most in value. The Submariner is sporty, robust, durable, and has a truly timeless design.
Which Rolex will go up in value?As a general rule, steel Rolex sports watches reliably hold or appreciate in value. This includes, in particular, the GMT-Master II with its famous two-coloured bezel, the Cosmograph Daytona, and the ever-popular Submariner 16610.Jan 18, 2022
Which Rolex has been discontinued?Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. Rolex introduced it in 2014 and discontinued the model officially in 2017. Two of the defining features of the watch are the matte dial and the entirely graduated bezel. After its discontinuation, the value of Reference 116600 has surged by nearly 33%.Sep 10, 2021
Will Rolex discontinue the sky dweller?Discontinued Rolex Sky-Dweller Watches in 2020 With the release of the new Sky-Dweller watches with Oysterflex bracelet, Rolex has discontinued all Sky-Dweller watches with leather straps.Sep 2, 2020
Will Rolex Pepsi be discontinued?The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi will be discontinued in its short run and nothing else will be added to the collection.Feb 17, 2021
Has the Rolex Submariner been discontinued?Rolex Submariner 114060 pricing and availability: The Rolex Submariner 114060 is now discontinued, and can only be purchased on the secondhand market at this time.
Has the Rolex hulk been discontinued?Is the Rolex Submariner Hulk discontinued? Yes, the Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk was discontinued by Rolex in 2020 and replaced by the 41mm Rolex Submariner 126610 LV - known as the Starbucks. The Rolex Submariner Hulk was released in 2010 and used the same 40mm MAXI case as the Rolex Submariner 116610LN Date.
Is Rolex Yacht Master a good investment?Yes. The Rolex Yacht-Master is a good investment for collectors for two main reasons. For one, these watches have historically held great value because of their uniqueness and sportiness; however, at the present time, they remain somewhat undervalued compared to their siblings in the Rolex catalog.Aug 23, 2021

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