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Rolex Explorer II Men's Watch 16570 16570-WHITE. $11,995.00.

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Rolex Explorer II Men's Watch 16570 16570-WHITE. $11,995.00.
Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II Black Dial Men's Automatic Watch. $8,995.00.
Mens Rolex Explorer II Black 16570-Stainless Steel Watch. $8,395.00.
Rolex Explorer II Black 216570-Stainless Steel Watch, Used, Mens. $10,595.00.
Mens Rolex Explorer II White 226570-Stainless Steel Watch. $16,495.00.
Rolex Watch Explorer II 226570. $14,860.00.
Rolex Explorer II 16570T stainless steel 40mm auto watch. $9,900.00.
Rolex Explorer II 16570 Stainless Steel Black dial 40mm Automatic watch. $9,950.00.
Rolex Men's Pre-Owned Explorer II Mechanical Watch 16570. $9,950.00.
Rolex Explorer II. $14,350.00.
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Introducing: The New Rolex Explorer II Ref. 226570

Apr 7, 2021 — The case retains its signature (though potentially slimmed down for 2021) 42mm sizing as Rolex continues to reserve larger-sized cases for its ...

Rolex Explorer II Watch: Oystersteel - M226570-0002

24-Hour Bezel. Reliability in the toughest conditions. The Explorer II is equipped with an additional 24-hour display; a dedicated hand circles the dial in ...

How the Rolex Explorer II Has Evolved Over Time

This is essentially the Rolex Explorer II we have today. Its case size now measured 42mm, and the all-orange 24-hour hand of the original 1971 model was back.

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What size is the Rolex Explorer?Rolex presents its new‑generation Oyster Perpetual Explorer. At 36 mm, it returns to the size of the original model launched in 1953 following the first ascent to the summit of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on 29 May that year.
Is Rolex Explorer 2 worth buying?The Rolex Explorer II has always sold well enough for Rolex. But it's never been as popular as the brand's other tool watches. This is due to its distinct aesthetic and narrower target market. Still, you get excellent value for your money.
How many mm is Rolex Explorer 2?Explorer IINew Model 2021Oyster, 42 mm, Oystersteel This Oyster Perpetual Explorer II in Oystersteel with an Oyster bracelet features a black dial with an arrow-shaped 24-hour hand and hour markers with a Chromalight display.
How thick is the Rolex Explorer 2?Now, to get to the powerhouse of the timepiece. At 12mm thick, the Explorer II houses the in-house calibre 3187. 4 hertz automatic movement. It is Rolex's in-house COSC certified movement beating at 28,800bph.Apr 27, 2018
Is the Rolex Explorer II A GMT?Rolex Explorer II As A GMT From the mid-eighties onwards, the Rolex Explorer II line evolved from the 16550 to the 16570 to the 216570 and each of these references are indeed GMT watches, often referred to as dual time watches.
Will Rolex make a 36mm Explorer?In an unlikely turn of events, Rolex has just unveiled two new Explorer models. The first is the stainless steel Explorer you all know and love, now 36mm. ... While the stainless model is sure to be a hit, it's the other Explorer that's getting folks talking.Apr 7, 2021
Does Rolex still make 39mm Explorer?Probably due to the simpler structure, the Oyster will allow a smaller watch to look larger. However, 39mm has been called the Goldilocks size for most men and it's a shame that Rolex has discontinued this size for now.Apr 18, 2021
Does Rolex still make Explorer?Rolex Explorer 36 Watch Returns To Its Original Size, Gets New Generation Movement. ... As the tiny crown between SWISS and MADE at 6 o'clock on the dial indicates, 2021's Rolex Explorer 36 has the latest, 32xx-generation movement inside. Watches with 31xx-generation movements do not have the small crown there.Apr 7, 2021
Is Rolex Explorer 1 worth buying?So, here's our argument for the Rolex explorer as the best sports model. It tells time, and it does it with great legibility. It has a sleek case that remains one of the only Rolex sport models to not receive the super case treatment, and a robust movement that can take a beating; nothing superfluous.
Is Rolex Explorer antimagnetic?Movements: Explorer ref. Powering the Explorer is the Rolex Caliber 3132 while driving the Air-King is the Rolex Caliber 3131. The anti-magnetic properties of the Caliber 3131 is why the Air-King is 2mm thicker—to accommodate for the magnetic shield. The only other Rolex watch with this shield is the Milgauss.Aug 18, 2017
Why did Rolex shrink the Explorer?It doesn't need to be big and bold.” Rolex lovers have speculated that the size change is an attempt to lend the model greater unisex appeal. And that it fills a vacuum for a steel sports watch in a slightly smaller case.Jul 23, 2021
Why Rolex Explorer is the best?The Explorer has Rolex's Superlative Chronometer certification. This means it's accurate to -2/+2 seconds per day after casing, which is over twice the required accuracy for a chronometer. It features a self-winding movement caliber 3132. These Rolex calibers are considered the most accurate on the market.
Is a Rolex Explorer an everyday watch?Because it's simple and less hyped than its siblings, it happens to be one of the most accessible Rolex watches available today ($7,200) and makes for an excellent everyday watch. To help the Explorer stand out more in the catalog, we dream of Rolex bringing back the "honeycomb" dial texture with a modern execution.Jan 13, 2022
Does Rolex Explorer hold value?Newer Rolex Explorer II models sell for around 6,500 USD on the pre-owned market, and you can expect to spend at least another 2000 USD for a brand-new model. The price difference between the new and pre-loved however, demonstrates how well the Explorer II holds its value.
What is the Rolex Explorer?The Explorer, launched in 1953, set itself apart with a simple design and a highly legible black dial with large hour markers and characteristic 3, 6, 9 numerals. It is a tool watch, created to tell time accurately, whatever the circumstances. Long after the light dies, you can tell the time.
Does Rolex Explorer have white gold?214270 Explorer with the updated Caliber 3132 movement, which features Rolex's new Paraflex shock absorbers. On the dial side, Rolex moved the Explorer name to the bottom half and fashioned its signature trio of Arabic numerals entirely from 18k white gold without any paint filling them.Jul 11, 2019

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