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What is a Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph?The Rolex Turn-O-Graph works just like any other three-handed timepiece that has a rotating timing bezel (such as the Submariner and Yacht-Master), and it can be used to measure the duration of events up to one hour in length.Oct 4, 2021
Is Rolex Turn-O-Graph worth it?While it's no longer being produced today, the Rolex Turn-o-Graph is still available in second hand, pre-owned markets. With its place in the history of Rolex and today's modern sports watches, it's truly a watch worth having.Aug 2, 2018
When was Rolex Turn-O-Graph discontinued?Unfortunately, the Rolex Turn-O-Graph line was ultimately discontinued in 2011, leaving only pre-owned models available in the market.Jul 2, 2021
Does Rolex Datejust increase in value?The Rolex Datejust, for example, is one of Rolex's most iconic and popular models, but because they were among the most produced Rolex watches back in the days, the supply of them is also high, and so, therefore, while the value of these watches have increased over time, the cost has not skyrocketed.
What is Turn-O-Graph?The Turn-O-Graph was essentially a Datejust model, modifed to become a tool watch by the addition of the rotating bezel. The larger bezel shrunk the visible surface area of the dial, causing the original "Swiss" of the Datejust dials used to nearly disappear.May 14, 2016
What is a Turn-O-Graph Rolex?The Turn-O-Graph, also originally known as the Thunderbird, adds a rotating bezel to the classic Datejust, and as such was favoured by U.S. Air Force pilots in the 1950's who received them as awards. The Turn-O-Graph was also the starting point for the famous Rolex GMT Master that followed it.

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