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Rolex GMT 16710 vs GMT 16700 - What to Buy?

Mar 21, 2018 — The 16700 was a cheaper watch than the 16710 when new and was considered a lesser watch for a long time. These days however, it seems to me that ...

Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex GMT-Master

Mar 31, 2020 — 16700 is the last reference of the GMT-Master. It continued to be manufactured right up until 1999. The 16700 used the Rolex cal. 3175, Rolex's ...

Rolex 16700 Vs. 16710 GMT Face-off - Watch Ideas -

Dec 2, 2020 — The 16710 is just as durable as the previous model. Not really any differences here. Everything pretty much mirrors the 16700. Take care of the ...

16700 versus 16710 - Rolex Forums - Rolex Watch Forum

May 7, 2015 — 16700 is the GMT and it's perfect if you want the quick set date and black or pepsi inserts but no coke. The 16710 is a GMT II, and it's the ...

Which one would you choose? 16710 or 16700 or 116710?

Apr 24, 2016 — Trying to decide whether I should go for 16710 or 16700 116710. ... Rolex / Tudor ... I would go for a pepsi 16710 or 16700.

Is The Classic Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 16710 A Good Buy?

The Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 16710 is an interesting watch. Coming to market in 1989, it remained in production for close to twenty years.

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What is the difference between a Rolex 16700 and 16710?16710 was launched in 1989 as the second generation of the GMT-Master II model following the inaugural 16760. ... So while the GMT-Master 16700 has a quickset date window, the GMT-Master II 16710 has a quickset hour hand. Rolex manufactured the GMT-Master II 16710 until 2007 when it was replaced with GMT-Master II ref.Sep 4, 2019
Is 16710 a good investment?That said, the Ref 16710 is a great option if you're looking for a steel GMT-Master II that you can wear as your daily. It's still way cheaper on the secondary market than the current Ref 126710BLRO Pepsi. ... The Ref 16710 is also the last reference to feature the Coke bezel.
Is the Rolex 16700 waterproof?GMT-Master 16700 Case, Material, and Bracelet The steel case measures 40mm in diameter and it was rated to be water-resistant to 100 meters – the same as the previous GMT-Master ref. 16750.Nov 17, 2020
Why is Rolex GMT Pepsi so expensive?The reason why history and relationship matter is because the Pepsi GMT is produced in very limited quantities. When you couple the demand for this watch with the limited supply, it creates lengthy waitlists and inflated pre-owned prices. Rolex authorized dealers receive very few Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi watches.Mar 2, 2021
Does Rolex still make the Coke?While the Rolex Coke GMT is no longer in production, it did had a great run of nearly 25 years. Offered alongside the classic red and blue (Pepsi) and all-black bezels, the red and black “Coke” insert got its name for the resemblance to the bottles of the iconic soda manufacturer.Mar 17, 2020

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