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One of the most distinctive timepieces from Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Reverso is the result of a legendary origin story involving British Army Officers' need for a ...

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Is Jaeger-LeCoultre a good investment?Do Jaeger LeCoultre watches hold their value? When compared to other brands that are considered to be much lower market brands than Rolex (such as TAG Heuer for example), JLC may hold a higher average resale value. However, compared to Rolex, nobody can hold a candle when it comes to holding their value.
Is JLC Reverso a dress watch?The Grand Reverso makes for an iconic dress watch, due to its sleek styling and ultra thin case. Versatile in looks, it can be worn with both formal dinner attire, as well as an everyday suit.
Is Jaeger-LeCoultre a luxury brand?Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most iconic luxury watch brands in the world. It's not as famous as brands such as Omega and Rolex, but those who know their watches greatly value and appreciate the JLC brand due to their meticulous attention to detail, perfection, and beautiful lines.Jan 13, 2022
Who wears a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso?Jaeger LeCoultre has been keeping time for billionaire-philanthropist Bruce Wayne for two decades, which began with the Val Kilmer-starrer Batman Forever. In the last Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale wore a Reverso Grande Date.Feb 14, 2018
Is JLC Reverso waterproof?Water resistance: 3 bar/ 30m/ 100ft.
Why is it called Reverso?It was composed by three elements: the case structure (where we find the slide housing), the case, the pivots (for its rotation) and the spheres necessary to lock the case to the structure once rotated. On the 31st July 1931, Cesar De Trey bought the rights from Alfred Chauvot and named the watch “Reverso”.
Who invented the Reverso?British soldiers in India challenged Swiss businessman César de Trey to create a watch that could endure the perils of polo. So French designer René-Alfred Chauvot invented a case that flipped 180 degrees to hide the crystal. The watch was later named the Reverso—Latin for "I turn around."Mar 23, 2016
Who designed the Reverso?Reverso Squadra Chronograph Q7018120 / 230.8. It turned out that René-Alfred Chauvot, the designer of the first Reverso case, had filed his own patent for a square case all the way back in 1931, but it was never actually produced. It just goes to show that every idea has its time.
Is the Reverso a sports watch?Born as a rugged sports watch that could withstand the game of polo but eventually evolving into a refined dress watch, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is one of the most recognizable watch designs ever made.Mar 31, 2021
When did LeCoultre become Jaeger-LeCoultre?in 1937 to become Jaeger-LeCoultre, the celebrated brand we know and love today.Feb 7, 2019
When was the first Reverso made?1931: the Reverso is created as the first sports watch. 1933: movements made in-house with the JLC 11 U calibre (15 jewels, 18,000 vph* and a 50-hour power reserve).
When did the JLC Reverso come out?In 1931, Swiss luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Reverso with a unique reversible case made to resist the shocks of polo matches.Dec 1, 2021
What is a Reverso watch?The Reverso watch has more than 85 years of history. ... First launched in 1931, the Reverso was originally created for British Army officers playing polo in India, who needed a timepiece that could stand up to the rigours of the sport.Sep 8, 2017

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