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Cartier - Trinity ring, LM - Ring Gold/White gold/Pink gold. $2,520.00.

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Cartier - Trinity ring, LM - Ring Gold/White gold/Pink gold. $2,520.00.
Woman Cartier Trinity 項鏈. $2,080.00.
Cartier - Trinity Ring, Classic - Ring Gold/White Gold/Pink Gold. $1,420.00.
Cartier Trinity. $6,200.00.
Cartier - Trinity ring, classic ceramic - Ring White gold/Ceramic. $1,330.00.
Cartier - Trinity Ring, Small Model - Ring Gold/White Gold/Pink Gold. $1,030.00.
Cartier Trinity 項鏈. $5,350.00.
Woman Cartier Trinity Ruban. $7,750.00.
Cartier Trinity. $610.00.
Cartier - Trinity Bracelet - Bracelet Woman Gold/White Gold/Pink Gold. $7,050.00.
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Cartier Trinity Rings - Tri Color Gold Rings | Cartier® US

Love. Fidelity. Friendship. Conceived by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity collection has become a symbol of life's most paramount relationships. Three ...

Trinity fine jewellery collection - Cartier

The Trinity ring embodies Cartier's vision of design, where jewellers reveal the beauty of a shape with three simple bands. With clean lines and perfect ...

Trinity - Cartier

The Trinity ring showcases how a Cartier jeweler reveals the beauty of a shape with a single ring. By intertwining three simple bands in yellow, ...

Trinity ring, small model - White gold, yellow gold, pink gold

Trinity ring, small model: Trinity ring, small model, 18K white gold, 18K pink gold, 18K yellow gold. Width: 2.8mm.

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What does Cartier Trinity ring stand for?Launched in 1924, Cartier's Trinity ring has inspired a collection of intertwined jewels... The three bands depict fidelity, friendship and love, which has made Trinity an enduring symbol of relationships. ...Jun 4, 2013
Is it worth buying Cartier Trinity ring?Why Rolling Rings & Trinity Rings are so great and worth buying. First, a trinity ring should never be a hard decision. If you love it, you should absolutely get it. The Rolling Ring is such a classic piece, especially the Cartier Trinity Ring with its perennial iconicity.Jan 14, 2020
What does Trinity bracelet represent?The Trinity by Louis Cartier, 1924 The pink gold band represents love, the yellow band is for fidelity, and the white is for friendship, a combination which has contributed to the Trinity design becoming a lasting symbol of relationships.May 3, 2016
Does Cartier hold value?Yes, for the most part, Cartier jewelry does hold its value. ... So depending on when you purchased your Cartier piece, it could have increased in value over its retail value. Even if your jewelry does not increase in value, it will hold much of it on the pre-owned luxury market.
Can you size a Cartier Trinity ring?Cartier recommends that you select a size two sizes smaller than that indicated in the Cartier Ring Size Chart. For instance, should your usual size be 50, select a size 48 for the Large Model Trinity ring.
What finger do you wear a Cartier ring on?Super simple and oh-so-classic, but many say the 'right' way to wear your Cartier Love ring is on your ring finger on your right hand. Unless you go for the Love Ring in the wedding band style and then you would wear it with your engagement ring on your left hand.May 18, 2020
How can you tell a fake Cartier Trinity ring?Inspect the Metal Cartier uses only 18k gold and platinum in its jewelry. The type of metal used should be indicated on the stamp on the back of the ring. Check for any telltale signs such as discoloration, chips, or even signs of another metal hiding beneath the top patina, all of which are giveaways of a fake.
Who designed the Cartier Trinity ring?Cartier Trinity rings The famous Cartier 'three-ring' made its first appearance almost 100 years ago, in 1924, during the Art Deco craze. It was designed by Jean Cocteau, the French writer, painter, filmmaker and poet, who was a great friend of Louis Cartier.Nov 22, 2021
Who invented the Trinity ring?Famous Jewelry Designers and Iconic Pieces, Part 1 – The Trinity Ring, by Louis Cartier. The visionary mind of Louis Cartier, grandson of the original Cartier founder Louis-François Cartier, created the famous Trinity ring in the Cartier family workshop in 1924.Nov 15, 2015
What do Cartier love rings mean?What is the Cartier Love Ring? The Cartier Love Ring is a symbol of love and commitment with all the trimmings one would expect in a storybook romance, but it's much more than a lovely gesture or a romantic notion. ... Cartier has designed jewelry for nobility, royalty, and celebrities since its establishment in 1847.
What does 3 stone engagement ring mean?The three-stone ring is one of the most popular engagement ring styles because of its rich cultural history. ... The three-stone engagement ring (also called the Trinity or trilogy ring) represents friendship, love, and fidelity, or past, present, and future.Mar 7, 2020
What does 3 interlocking circles mean?alternating, hyperbolic. In mathematics, the Borromean rings are three simple closed curves in three-dimensional space that are topologically linked and cannot be separated from each other, but that break apart into two unknotted and unlinked loops when any one of the three is cut or removed.
What is white gold made of?White gold was originally developed to imitate platinum (a naturally white metal). White gold is usually an alloy containing about 75% gold and about 25% nickel and zinc. If stamped 18 karat, it would be 75% pure gold.
What does Le Must de Cartier mean?Coining the phrase “Les Must de Cartier,” Hocq wanted to create a line of products that one simply needed to have. ... The Must de Cartier Tank paid tribute to the original Tank Louis Cartier, but was released in a variety of dial options in dark blue, red, and black, even a striped three-tone gold.Feb 19, 2020
When did the Cartier love ring come out?When Aldo Cipullo created the Cartier Love bracelet in New York in 1969, it heralded a new age of modernity in the way we wear jewellery. This unisex gold piece with its tiny signature screws challenged the traditional idea that jewellery's principal role was to represent your status and wealth.Feb 2, 2021

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