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Our Favorite Left-handed Watches (Men's & Women's Picks)

Best Left-handed Watches For Men · Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster (BJ8050-08E): Best Overall Value For Lefties · Budget picks: Invicta Men's “Force Collection”.

Drive de Cartier Watches for Men

Discover the full Drive de Cartier Men's Watch Collection on the Official Cartier® Online US Store. Visit us today and see the entire Cartier watch ...

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CRWGTA0011 - Tank Louis Cartier watch

Tank Louis Cartier watch. Large model, hand-wound mechanical movement, rose gold, leather. $13,500.00.

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Does anyone make left-handed watches?In the modern era, the company took its truest tool watch, the Pelagos, and re-designed it in destro configuration and dubbed it the Pelagos LHD, for "left-hand drive". Here again, the left-side crown is about providing a functional benefit to folks wearing it on either wrist.Dec 10, 2020
Does Rolex make a left-handed watch?It is known that Rolex produced left handed Day-Dates and GMT-Masters in very small numbers as early as the 1940's and 1950's, more than likely by request.
Why is a watch worn on the left hand?In order to protect their chronometers from damage, it was best to keep them on the wearer's less dominant hand. Since majority of people are right handed, in most cases watches were held in the left hand. ... Also, wearing it on non-dominant hand makes it less susceptible to damaging, breaking, or injuring yourself.Jun 14, 2017
Which wrist do lefties wear their watch on?The general rule of thumb is to wear your watch on your non-dominant hand. So, if you're right-handed, wear your watch on your left. And, if you're left handed, wear your watch on your right.Mar 6, 2019
Who wears their watch on the right hand?Let's find out! Most people wear watches in non-dominant hands. If you are a left-handed person, tend to wear a clock in the right hand. Conversely, if you don't left-handed usually wear on the left hand.

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