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Hardness of 904L steel? - Rolex Forums - Rolex Watch Forum

Feb 10, 2014 — Hardness of 904L steel? This is my second SubC in 6 months and one thing I noticed is how easily I manage to get dings on the two Subs Iv'e had.

What's the difference between 316L and 904L? - LINKUN

Oct 23, 2018 — There is no difference between 316L and 904L steel in strength and hardness. Both of them have similar Rockwell hardness (HRB) which is less ...

904L steel vs. 316L in watchmaking industry - Finishing.com

A. The 316L Stainless steel is far less scratch resistant than the 904L because it has a much higher Rockwell hardness. The 316L has less nickel in it and ...

904L, Oystersteel, 316L, or 304L – Here Is The Meaning

Feb 2, 2021 — Adding copper to the 904L stainless steel further increases its corrosion resistance but at the expense of the alloy's final hardness.

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Is 904L heavier than 316L?The 904 has a lower carbon content (C), so the polished 904L steel pipe or sheet steel has a better surface, and the same volume of 904L stainless steel is much heavier than the 316L stainless steel. Their Rockwell strength (HRB) is less than 95, and the strength is almost 490MPa.Jan 14, 2021
Is 904L steel softer?The 904L “Rolex Steel” is way harder than 316L steel and has better anti-corrosion properties too. Only Swiss based watch factories are using 904L steel because it's harder and doesn't machine well compared to softer grade steels like the 316L.
Is 904L softer than 316L?Type 904L contains more chromium, molybdenum and nickel then 316L, plus also some copper, manganese and silicon, which makes it more corrosion resistant than 316L. But the main issue with 904L, besides its extremely high price, is that it is still harder to process than 316L.Nov 6, 2020
Is 904L super duplex?The corrosion resistance of 904L is equivalent to most super duplex stainless steels (SDSS) across a wide range of applications. However, Ferralium 255 provides superior performance in sulphuric acid due to its increased copper content of 2%, unique amongst super duplex stainless steels.
Why does Rolex use 904L steel?Since salt is generally the culprit behind rusting and pitting, Rolex decided to make the switch to 904L. The material is actually more resistant to all chemicals (not just chloride.) Switching to 904L allowed them to offer a better product that was could handle serious stress.Oct 26, 2017
Is 904L steel more scratch resistant?The real deal here is that 904L steel offers a different shine - more interesting and brilliant - than 316L steel, which tends to look a little more dull. And yes - what Francis Jacquerye has said in his answer is true: 904L scratches more easily than 316L.
Does Rolex use 904L steel?That is why Rolex uses Oystersteel, a steel alloy specific to the brand. Oystersteel belongs to the 904L steel family, which is particularly resistant to corrosion and acquires an exceptional sheen when polished. 904L steels are commonly used in high-technology and in the aerospace and chemical industries.
When did Rolex use 904L?904L STEEL In 1985, Rolex became the first watchmaking brand to use this steel from the 904L family for its cases.
Is 904L harder than 316L?According to this site (which proclaims to be the leading online publication for the Materials Science community), 904L is no more difficult to work with than 316L: “Grade 904L stainless steels are high purity steels with low sulfur content. They can be machined using any standard methods.”
Which ball watches use 904L steel?Ball Roadmaster Icebreaker. Described by Ball as “the ultimate explorer's watch,” the Icebreaker shares more than a some product description copy with watches made iconic by the Crown. The big news here is Ball's use of 904L steel, long used by Rolex in their sports watch lineup.Aug 5, 2019
Which is better 904L or 316L?It has incredibly high corrosion resistance. This is critical for some applications, but 316L is more than enough for most luxury watchmaking. Type 904L contains more chromium, molybdenum, and nickel than 316L. However, it also contains some copper, manganese, and silicon, which enhances corrosion resistance.Oct 25, 2021
What is Oystersteel made of?Oystersteel is a steel superalloy specific to Rolex, which belongs to the 904L steel family. So what exactly makes 904L different from traditional steel? 904L is a low-carbon, high alloy stainless steel, with additives of copper, chronium, nickel and molybdenum.Nov 9, 2018
Is 904L steel magnetic?Alloy 904L performs better than other austenitic stainless steels due to the higher alloying of nickel and molybdenum. The grade is non-magnetic in all conditions and has excellent formability and weldability. The austenitic structure also gives this grade excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures.
What is 904L material?Alloy 904L (UNS N08904) is a superaustenitic stainless steel that is designed for moderate to high corrosion resistance in a wide range of process environments. The combination of high chromium and nickel content, coupled with additions of molybdenum and copper, assure good to excellent corrosion resistance.
Do Rolex watches have nickel?Rolex and the Reason for 904L Although 904L is more difficult to make and consists of extra materials such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and copper, it has numerous benefits. ... Rolex has been using 904L in watch cases since 1985 and from 2006, it began to utilize 904L in the band.Mar 22, 2017
What steel is used for watches?Stainless steel It is the most widely used watch material. In general, stainless steel is difficult to scratch as it's durable, lightweight, and tough is most popular for its ability to resisting corrosion, maintaining a shine for long life, and keeping intact the strength of steel.Mar 18, 2019
What kind of steel does Patek Philippe use?While Patek Philippe makes most of its watches in precious metals, the company does have a long history of producing pieces in stainless steel, going back more than 100 years.Aug 6, 2019
What is the difference between 316 and 904?What's the difference between 316 and 904 flue liner? ... As a result, 904 grade, is more resistant to corrosive chemicals than 316 grade , such as the acidic by-products from burning fuels, that would typically congregate in a chimney flue.
What is the best stainless steel grade?304 stainless steel is the most common form of stainless steel used around the world due to excellent corrosion resistance and value. 304 can withstand corrosion from most oxidizing acids. That durability makes 304 easy to sanitize, and therefore ideal for kitchen and food applications.
What kind of steel does TAG Heuer use?Steel. Robust and corrosion-resistant: a TAG Heuer steel watch will accompany you on every adventure. We use stainless steel from the 316L family of steels, often used in the high-tech industry.
What is the L in 316L stainless steel?316/316L Stainless Steel: The 'L' Designation The L denotes the low content of carbon in the steel. 316L is best known among fabricators for being resistant to cracks after the weld process is completed. This makes 316L the preferred choice of fabricators who look to build metallic structures for industry applications.
What is the difference between 316L and 317L stainless steel?317L has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of chemicals, especially in acidic chloride environments such as those encountered in pulp and paper mills. Increased levels of chromium, nickel and molybdenum compared to 316L stainless steel improve resistance to chloride pitting and general corrosion.

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